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PP Bags with Resealable Tape on Lip


Quantity: 100 bags per pack 

Width: 50mm 

Length: 180mm

Lip: 30mm

Thickness: 35micron

Colour: Clear

Printing: White writing on lip

Material: Polypropylene


PLEASE NOTE: This product has white printing (KING SEAL: Resealable Cove Raise This Flap To Open.) on the bag when you remove the backing of the tape. See photos for further detail. Not all our PP Bags have printing on the lip.



100 bags = $0.035 each

500 bags = $0.027 each

1000 bags = $0.021 each

Polypropylene BOPP Bag: 50x180+30lip with tape on lip

PriceFrom $3.50
GST Included
    $250 or more 10% MIN250
    $500 or more 15% MIN500
    $1000 or more 20% MIN1000


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    Victoria - Orders over $850 (inc GST) FIS.

    New South Wales - Orders over $1700 (inc GST) FIS.

    South Australia - Orders over $1700 (inc GST) FIS.

    Queensland - Orders over $2550 (inc GST) FIS.

    We only offer Free Shipping for the above states only.


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