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Did you know that LDPE is recyclable?


Here at Selseal Pak, almost all our products are made from LDPE.


LDPE is a soft flexible plastic material that you can 'scrunch' up in your hands. This type of plastic is not typically accepted in local council recycling collections for homes or businesses. As a result, a lot of us are just throwing them straight into the garbage. 


But a simple search online can help you find possible recycling programs or facilities in your local area. If not, there are collection bins specifically for the recycling of soft plastic waste found in participating major supermarkets across Australia. You can just pop them into these bins just before you start doing your groceries. 

These plastics once destined for landfill are recycled into things such as plastic furniture, decking, bollards, signage or back into garbage bags.

We try do our part too. We have partnered with recycling companies who turn our faulty stock into other plastic products, giving it a new life.

Selseal Pak Aust Pty Ltd - Recycling LDPE
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