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White Resealable Bag

Also known as: Ziplock Bag, Press Seal Bag, Clipseal Bag, Recloseable Bag, Snap Lock or Magic Seal Bag.

Black Specimen Bag

Also known as Biological Bag, Biohazard Bag or Pathology Bag.

Stock PP Bag

Also known as PP Bag with Tape on Lip, Peel and Seal or Self Seal Polypropylene Bag.

Clear Open Bag

Also known as LDPE Poly Bag, Plain Loose Bag or Lay Flat Bag.

Printed Resealable Carry Bag

Also known as Boutique Bag, Shopping Bag or Die Cut Carry Bag.

Clear LDPE Tubing

Also known as Poly Tubing, Lay Flat Tubing or Open Rolls.

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