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Selseal Pak Aust Pty Ltd - Specimen Dental Bag

Also known as: Biological Bag, Biohazard Bag or Pathology Bag.

Made from Virgin Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and are reusable and recyclable. These bags can be used as articles or components of articles intended for use in contact with food (except for packing or holding food during cooking).

​Custom make to your specifications or standard stock size available. Click here to see size list for further stock information.



3 Layer: Resealable Bag with single sheet with both side and bottom seal

4 Layer: Resealable Bag with open bag with side seal (no bottom seal so there is a gap in between)

Thickness: Usually between 30um to 50um

Lip (From top of bag to seal): Approx. 10-20mm

Heat seal length: 165mm


Bag Colours

Clear, solid or tinted colours. Large range to choose from. We have standard colours that are readily available or we can colour match and source if you need something specific.


Up to 4 colour print (total for all sides). We use the SPOT Pantone+ Solid Colour System to mix our inks.

Hole Punches

3, 6 and 20mm circle hole punch, Mexican hat (butterfly) hole punch

Other Extras

Anti-static, UV inhibit, permanent tape (on lip), resealable tape (on lip), perforation line with open bottom, bottom seal, Bio-degradable additives and more.


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