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Custom Resealable Bag

(Ziplock/Press Seal/Clipseal/Recloseable/Snap Lock)​​

Width: 195mm 

Length: 330mm

Thickness: 50 micron

Colour: Clear

Printing: Black on LIP

Material: 100% Virgin LDPE

Extra: Closed Top/Open Bottom with Perforation.


These bags are made with a closed top with perforation. Products are packed via the opened bottom and heat sealed to ensure packaging is tamper proof. To access products, customers can tear strip to open. 

Tamper Proof Custom Resealable Bag: 195x330x50um

SKU: RB200330050
$122.00 Regular Price
$109.80Sale Price
GST Included
    $250 or more 10% MIN250
    $500 or more 15% MIN500
    $1000 or more 20% MIN1000


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    Victoria - Orders over $850 (inc GST) FIS.

    New South Wales - Orders over $1700 (inc GST) FIS.

    South Australia - Orders over $1700 (inc GST) FIS.

    Queensland - Orders over $2550 (inc GST) FIS.

    We only offer Free Shipping for the above states only.


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